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updated at 05:04pm on 19/08/2019

by Anonymous gave Headlands Surgery a rating of 5 stars

Kind, caring compassionate

Myself and my family have been at this surgery for many years.
Whenever I have been in the staff have only ever shown me kindness , been compassionate and bent over backwards to help.
While waiting for an appointment in the lower part of the building I was witness to seeing a chap in a dark place asking for help, and the kindness and compassion shown from the receptionist was brilliant. This was all done while the lady was still answering phones, booking other appointments for other people.

Visited in October 2018, Posted on 09 October 2018

by Anonymous gave Headlands Surgery a rating of 4 stars

Service we received from the doctor

My father has multiple severe and complex health issues including advanced Altzheimers and heart problems. He is currently very unwell to an extent which is seriously life threatening. The doctor he sees has been extremely caring and thorough in the way he has helped to find the best solutions and to explain what is happening, to my mother who is caring for my father herself. The doctor stands out from some of the other clinicians my father has seen who have sometimes been dismissive, less than thorough and sent my parents away feeling confused and as if they shouldn't have bothered them with these serious problems.

Visited in September 2018, Posted on 12 September 2018