Services We Provide


Asthma Clinic

These clinics are run by our practice nurses and are by appointment only. Everyone with Asthma should ensure they are seen once a year for a routine check.


Cervical Smears

All women aged between 25-49 are invited for a routine smear test on a three yearly basis. Women aged 50–64 will be invited on a five yearly basis. Please make an appointment with the practice nurse



Child Development Assessment

Our Health Visitors run a programme for development checks. Appointments are arranged by the Health Visitors.


Child Immunisation Clinics

Our nurses carry out childhood immunisations. Appointments are sent by post but if you are unable to attend, please telephone to cancel and another appointment will be sent to you. The doctors feel it is particularly important that all children should have their immunisations unless there is good medical reason why they should not be given. If you have any doubts one of the nurses or doctors will discuss these with you.


Coil Fits

Dr Durrani is experienced in coil fitting and the practice can therefore offer this service to patients.


Diabetic Clinic

These clinics are run by our practice nurses and are by appointment only. Everyone with diabetes should ensure they are seen once a year for a routine check


Family Planning/Contraception

Advice regarding contraception is available with our family planning nurses. Please be aware that you will need to see the nurse every six months to review your prescription for the contraception pill.


Flu Vaccination Clinics

In the early Autumn, flu vaccinations are offered to our patients. We strongly advise vaccination for those considered to be at risk i.e. patients aged 65 and over and those with heart, respiratory, kidney, liver or chronic neurological disease, asthma, diabetes, immunosuppression and pregnant women, also patients living in long stay residential care homes and carers.



Mental Health Reviews

These reviews are carried out by our practice nurses. Patients are invited once a year to attend for a review.


Minor Illness Clinic

Patients with new problems can see a senior nurse for a consultation. Examples are: injuries to back, neck and head, sore eyes, rashes and skin problems, depression/anxiety, ears, throat and chest, acute asthma, abdominal, urinary and women's health problems, emergency contraception/missed pills. The senior nurses are able to issue prescriptions and immediately call upon a doctor if necessary therefore a second appointment would not be necessary. When contacting the practice to book an appointment the receptionist will ask for some brief details regarding the request to enable them to direct you to the appropriate clinician.


NHS Health Check

Help prevent heart disease, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease and dementia. If you are between the ages of 40 and 74 and have not been diagnosed with a chronic disease please book an appointment at reception.


Pneumonia Vaccination

If you are 65 or over or have serious breathing problems, heart or kidney disease, long-term liver disease, diabetes requiring medication or are immunosuppressed you are strongly advised to have a Pneumonia Vaccination. Please ask at reception.