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Introducing Doctrin: our new online consultation platform:

We are delighted to be introducing Doctrin, a secure online consultation platform which will make accessing healthcare advice and services easier for our patients and more integrated for our healthcare professionals, leading to a better service that is agile and adaptable. 


What is Doctrin?

Doctrin is a secure online consultation platform designed to provide an enhanced service for patients and practitioners. It will be a significant improvement on our existing ad-hoc digital consultation platform. 

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Why are we introducing this?

We are keen to extend our service offering to our patients and ensure they can access healthcare and advice in a way that meets their needs. 

Key benefits of Doctrin include: 

  • 24/7 access to platform providing a seamless service 
  • Easy to use platform that is accessible remotely from a range of electronic devices such as mobile phone, laptop / computer, tablet 
  • Support remote care through chat or video 
  • Response within 1 working day 
  • Another way to contact us rather than by telephone 
  • Less need to travel to the surgery 
  • Easy access to healthcare advice and guidance 
  • Triage to the most appropriate professional 
  • Improved continuity in care and integration with multi-disciplinary professionals allowing staff to collaborate with clinical colleagues for clinical cases 
  • Meets national standards to provide 25% of our appointments digitally 

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